What is Cortex?

Cortex is a custom-coded game manager app that makes it easy for trivia hosts to manage trivia games and collect valuable data.

Team Count Differential

TriviaLAB collects data on how many teams started the game versus how many teams ended the game in order to identify any issues that may be causing teams to lose interest. A significant difference between these numbers could indicate that the host is not engaging enough, the trivia questions are too difficult, or there are other factors that are causing teams to drop out early. By analyzing this data, we can work with the host to address any issues and improve the overall quality of the trivia game.

Game Duration

We track when the first answer is submitted and the last. This tells us roughly how long the game lasted. Ideally, we want that number to be around 110 minutes.

Average Team Score

A low average isn't bad, but it would cause us to do a deep dive into that night's questions. Finding a balance of question difficulty is key to building a strong trivia night.

Trivia Host Feedback and Question Quality

Trivia host rate the questions each week and are able to verbalize any thoughts they have on that night's overall experience.

Top Teams

We're able to quickly give shout-outs to winning teams on social media and compare the top score across all of our venues.


Yes, even the weather. This helps us understand why a particular week's turn-out is down. If it's raining, expect a lower turn out.

Automatic Scoring

Cortex's automatic scoring feature is designed to make the trivia host's job easier and improve the overall quality of the trivia game. When teams submit a correct answer, Cortex automatically scores their answer, freeing the host from the tedious task of manually tracking and calculating scores. This allows the host to focus on other aspects of hosting trivia, such as engaging with teams and keeping the game running smoothly.