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Two decades of experience, future-forward game technology, and the simplest trivia launch.

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Onsite Marketing

Coasters, Posters, Handbills, and Stickers. Everything you need to get the word out in your area.

Online Marketing

Promotion on social media is essential in building a successful trivia night. TriviaLAB provides you with six different files to promote on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

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The Secret to a successful trivia night is Consistence and Longevity.

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Cortex is our custom-coded game manager. Players scan a QR Code and answer questions, right on their phone. You'll have your own dashboard to see exactly how many people are playing each week.

Professional Equipment

Nothing kills a crowd like technical difficulties, so we use industry-leading mixers and mics to put on a show.

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Engaging Content

We write and fact check all the questions, which your customers can answer digitally on our smartphone app.

We're into solutions, not sales.

Choosing the right trivia company starts with asking the right questions. Here are the ten you should consider asking.


The crew that powers TriviaLAB has been in the biz since Clinton was in office (pre-Epstein). Since that time, we've owned and operated three trivia companies, a poker company, and one Karaoke company that lasted all of three months. We can't sing, but we can do a bang-up job at trivia.

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Talk to a "human"

While robots can be found all over our site, real humans run the TriviaLAB (don't tell the robots). These human would love to chat about how we can help grow your revenue.

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