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Your first challenge is to locate a venue by clicking on your state using this handy map where you’re given nothing but the state outlines and abbreviations. We promise, the quiz itself gets even harder…

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TriviaLAB's Trivia Night


Cost To Play

Order a beer and a burger and start playing


Questions In Each Game

Six rounds, seven questions in each round


Minutes For Each Game

Non-stop music and questions

Frequently Asked Questions

That you ask us. If you’re looking for questions that we frequently ask you, you’re out of luck as our writers produce new content every single day. Sorry about that.

TriviaLAB provides full-service trivia events at your favorite bars and restaurants. Although the event is live-hosted, all answers can be submitted via phone to comply with your local COVID social-distancing restrictions. TriviaLAB was founded in 2021. Although we have more than 15 years of experience in live-hosted trivia events. We chose to create a new company to offer better customer service to venues, give higher pay to hosts, and to continue designing the best trivia in the country.

TriviaLAB lasts approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes, and consists of 6 rounds of 7 questions each. The top two teams each night will win gift cards from their venue.

We’re always on the search for more hosts, community managers, and administrative staff. If you’d like to join, you can submit an application in the menu bar up top.

Nothing! TriviaLAB events are always free to attend, and prior registration is not required for most weekly venues. However, nearly all will require a drink and/or food purchase per player.

Oooooh, sorry. No. We were looking for Mark Ronson.

Yes. Please reach out to info@trivialab.com with your event information, and we’ll arrange the perfect trivia event.

Okay, that’s technically not a question, but we’re listening. We’ve got a nifty form for you to submit all your lovely ideas here. No more questions on natural selection or Charles Darwin, though. They will not be reproduced.